Monday, November 23, 2015

Grinch Deco Mesh Wreath

I was looking to make something grinchy for myself as a gift this year. We crafters are always making things for other people, never really for ourselves so this was for ME. I have never made anything like this before but after watching a deco mesh ruffle wreath tutorial on Youtube I thought it was something I could do. This is a link to the video These are just some of the supplies I used. I forgot to take pictures of everything. This wreath is 24" has 10 ties on the outer ring to insert the deco mesh and 8 ties on the inside ring.
I placed 2 layers of red, green, and white mesh in each of the 18 ties. The mesh rolls are 10" wide and as per the tutorial I cut each piece at 12". This was after completing 1 layer of red, green and white mesh in each tie.    
This was after the 2nd layer was completed.
The wreath looked like it needed something more so I decided to add some mesh curls. 
After the curls I could finally add the ribbon. This is some of the ribbon I used. These rolls of ribbons are 2.5" and 1.5" wide.
I put the ribbon in all 18 ties on top of the mesh. I initially cut the ribbon 12", the same length as the mesh but I though the ribbon was too long so I wound up cutting the ribbon at 10". 
After that I added Grinch ribbon. I had 4 different styles of Grinch ribbon. Many, many years ago Michaels sold some Grinch stuff around the holidays. Michaels had Grinch paper, stickers, ribbon, and cards. I have been waiting for the perfect project to use my Grinch ribbon and this was it is.
Now it was time to embellish the wreath. I knew I wanted to add ornaments.  I started with clear plastic ornaments. I bought balls for the ten outside ties. I went with two different sizes, I used five 4" ornaments and five 3.25" ornaments. 
I used the pledge floor cleaner and glitter method to adhere glitter to the inside of all of the balls. I have used this method before but it was with glass ornaments. The pledge and glitter definitely adhere better to glass. On all of the large glitter balls I attached .25", .50" and .75" circles that I punched out of red, green, and silver glitter vinyl and stuck them on the balls. I forgot to take pictures before I attached the ball ornaments to the wreath so I don't have the best photos of them, and I don't have photos of all of them. When I attached the balls to the wreath I alternated one large glitter ball, then one small glitter ball.


 On the eight ties on the front layer I used 
the clear plastic disc ornaments.
I knew I wanted four of these to have the Grinch's face on them so I painted four of them Grinch green by pouring acrylic paint into the ornament and shaking it up until it was completely green, then turned it upside down to let the excess paint drip out and let it dry.
I used my cricut to cut out the Grinch's face. I purchased the Grinch svg from someone on Etsy.
Next I used Martha Stewart crimson glitter
acrylic paint to paint the inside of
two of the disc ornaments.
I cut the words, You're a mean one, and Mr. Grinch out of green vinyl and attached them to the ornaments.

The last two clear plastic disc ornaments I painted silver on the inside using Martha Stewart silver glitter acrylic paint.
On one of the ornaments I cut the words STINK, 
STANK, STUNK out of red and green vinyl and 
attached them to the ornament.
and on the other ornament I cut a heart in three different sizes, which gradually increase in size out of red and two shades of pink vinyl to show how the Grinch's heart grew three sizes. It was very hard getting the heart to adhere smoothly to the ornament. 
I wanted to make a Merry Grinchmas sign so I bought this
chalkboard sign from Michaels
First I painted the sign green with green acrylic paint, then I brushed Modge Podge all over the sign and covered it in green glitter. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper that was red with white dots and glued it to the chalkboard. I cut Merry Grinchmas out of green glitter vinyl and attached it to the piece of scrapbook paper. I attached this sign to the center of the wreath.
Lastly I wanted to buy Christmas picks that were swirls and picks that were large in size. I wanted the wreath to have a whimsical look to it. This is my Grinch wreath all put together.
This wreath looks so much better in person and I love how it turned out. My photographs really don't show how nice the wreath is. I am going to try to take better pictures. 


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Ran across this today while looking for a Grinch wreath. This is absolutely stunning!